Currently, I also own an ice rink, located in Leuven, Belgium : IJsbaan Leuven.

That's were all of this started.


I hate tedious, repetitive tasks.

So, I started automating them, using Google Sheets and Google App Script.

It seemed I could automate a whole range of things like processing staff hours, selling ice sessions online and then automating the participants list in Google Sheets through csv reports that came in via email in our GMail account.

Meanwhile, I've collected a whole bunch of usefull scripts, both copy-pasted from the internet (Google is your best friend in the search of knowledge!) and written some myself.

That's when I decided I should build a website to (keep track for myself &) share them with other people who are in search of scripts.


So, on this website, you can find a lot of things about Google App Scripting, other Google products, Joomla (a popular CMS witch I use to create websites).


In case you want to know more about me or you have a challenge you think or hope I can help you with, feel free to